Data & Technology Specialists

Engagement Models

Expert Assistance

Consulting and Advisory Services

Providing our clients with expert advice on best practice with regards to the management and implementation of Data Analytics and Modern Data Warehouse. These engagements are high-level and might not be lengthy engagements. This engagement is usually based on a time-and-material basis.

Business Management

Managed Services And Outsource Model

Instead of clients having an inhouse function with senior architects and developers, designing and implementing data analytics solutions, a managed service offering is proposed by augmenting your internal team with our resources for a set contract duration.

Maximised Efficiency

Project And Product Based Engagements

Once a clearly defined scope has been established, a project team can be assembled to provide the agreed deliverables. These engagements will typically have a defined start and end date at the inception of the engagement. These engagements are typically based on a set price for the deliverables and requires extensive project management.

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