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Unlock the Potential of Sage 300 People Data

As organisations strive to make data-driven decisions, our solution empowers HR teams to harness the power of analytics using Power BI, transforming standard Sage 300 People data into actionable insights for strategic growth and enhanced workforce management.

Key features of People Analytics

Business Data Analytics

Transform Raw HR Data Into Interactive Insights

Key features of People Analytics

People Analytics empowers HR professionals and executives to make informed decisions backed by accurate and timely data insights.

Resource allocation

Allocate resources efficiently by understanding departmental needs, peak performance periods, and skill distribution.

Trend Analysis

Measure turnover rates, time-to-hire, and diversity statistics throughout your company.

Strategic HR Planning

Plan for workforce growth, talent acquisition, and training programs based on actionable insights derived from historical and current data.

Strategic Business Insights

Benefits of Integration

Updated Insights

Access to up-to-date HR metrics and analytics to improve the way you operate your business.

Visual Storytelling

Transform complex data into intuitive visualisations, aiding quick comprehension.


Tailor reports to specific organisational needs for relevant information at your fingertips.

Advanced Analysis

Utilise historical data to perform trends analysis and form proactive HR strategies.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce manual reporting efforts, focusing on strategic HR initiatives and business insights.

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What's Included?

Employee Analysis

Understand your workforce better by providing you with data on employee demographics and movements.

Leave Analysis

Understand your leave management process better by providing you with data on employee leave types, balances, etc.

Payslip Analysis

Understand your payroll process better by providing you with data on employee pay rates, deductions, and benefits.

Cost Allocation Analysis

Optimise cost center allocation processes with visual data on the costs incurred by each cost center and the allocation of those costs to other cost centers.

Overtime Analysis

Understand your overtime management process better by providing you with data on employee overtime hours, overtime rates, and overtime costs.

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